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Charging and Storage Solutions for Every Device in Your Healthcare Organization

The healthcare industry demands that time is managed with efficiency. Sometimes, tedious tasks such as storage and charging devices impede healthcare workers from doing their job. In a field based on giving quality care to help people, this wasted time can be potentially harmful.

To counter this, PowerGistics has a solution that can put this time back into areas where it really matters. PowerGistics offers high-quality storage and charging stations for healthcare facilities. These stations take the stress out of charging and storing your devices, creating a one-stop, convenient way to access what you need.

From laptops to mobile devices, PowerGistics has multi-device charging cabinets and carts for hospital and healthcare essentials.

Charging and Storage for Healthcare Laptops

Laptops are essential devices for healthcare workers, offering a portable way to store information and conduct various tasks throughout the day. It’s essential to keep these devices charged and stored properly so that you won’t have to go through the hassle of losing time due to a dead laptop. PowerGistics solves this problem by providing the TechHub6, a storage unit that boasts six shelves with the ability to charge several laptops at once.

For added protection, the storage device comes with a keyed lock. In a healthcare setting, these devices can often store valuable data about patients. PowerGistics provides a charging cabinet for hospitals that emphasizes this kind of security to help you stay confident that your devices are safe.

Charging and Storage for Healthcare Chromebooks

Chromebooks offer great ways to conveniently access a device without having to resort to larger, bulkier items like a standard laptop. But Chromebooks can require frequent charging, and sometimes they aren’t as durable as other laptops. For this reason, a charging station for your hospital is ideal. The TechHub6 has plastic-free aluminum construction, creating an open-air design that improves air circulation. The modern design helps extend the longevity of your Chromebooks in a simple, easy-to-use way.

Charging and Storage for Healthcare Tablets

Tablets are another useful way to speed up a healthcare worker’s daily tasks. A tablet comes ready to use at the touch of a finger. But their ease of access also makes them easier to lose — the sleek design can easily get lost beneath a notebook or a stack of papers, creating a situation where looking for the device defeats its benefits.

We have multiple charging carts for hospitals that can make accessing your tablet the least of your worries. The Grab&Go8 allows you to store eight tablets at once — all while they’re charging. The Tower can store any standard tablet measuring up to 14.8 inches. The Tower is a sure way to save time and promote convenience – with the Tower, you can also avoid all of those snaking cords twisting around each other. The tangle-free design makes retrieving tablets easier than ever.

If you’re looking to add some more storage space for your healthcare tablets, you can look into the Grab&Go12Grab&Go16 or Grab&Go20, with either a standard or USB powerstrip, each boasting more shelves than the last. With the various options to choose from, you can pick a charging cart for your healthcare facility that matches your needs.

Charging and Storage for Healthcare iPads

iPads, like tablets, offer that sleek convenience — and similar advantages and disadvantages. However, you can eliminate disadvantages by investing in a PowerGistics Grab&Go Tower, a wall-mounted Tower that can be transformed to be a free-standing or mobile multi-device charging station for your hospital or healthcare facility.

These charging cabinets for your hospital can store a variety of standard tablets and iPads. They also come with an asymmetric door that allows you to look in and see that all the devices are there and charging. The see-through design makes it easy to add security to your facility and allows you to take some control over your devices.

With the Grab&Go Towers, you can easily store your organization’s iPads without fear of a dead battery or losing one of the devices.

Charging and Storage for Healthcare Mobile Devices

Mobile devices have become key in healthcare settings today, whether they are used for security purposes or to transfer information internally. They offer a quick, easy way to communicate within an organization. Communication can be derailed if a phone is lost or dead. This can cause delays and potential misuses that hurt the daily workflow of a hospital or healthcare facility.

The CellTower10 is a great option for storing handheld devices and cell phones. The storage unit has a rapid-charging design that enables you to quickly charge your Apple, Android and other mobile devices. That way, you can get the most out of their portable convenience. CellTower10 can charge more than just mobile phones as well — nearly anything with a USB that can fit can be plugged in.

Why Do Healthcare Organizations Choose PowerGistics?

PowerGistics is the smart, modern way to store and charge your healthcare devices with our multi-device charging stations for hospitals. Our customers are continuing to see the many benefits of PowerGistics charging stations, including:

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