How to Incorporate School Spirit in Your Classroom

May 19, 2021

School spirit can bring students of all ages together and create a strong community throughout your school. There are plenty of fun ways to boost school spirit and make your students excited about upcoming events. We have a few effective strategies that will improve school spirit year-round and create an even better educational experience for your students.

Incorporate School Colors in Your Classroom

There are limitless possibilities for showing school pride in your classroom. You can add subtle touches like sticky notes and binders showcasing your colors, or you can hang signs on your classroom door and walls. In addition to making your classroom more colorful and exciting, it will also remind your students they’re all connected through the school.

To keep your classroom updated, you can continuously switch out your signs and decorations so your students will always notice your school spirit.

Organize Themed Spirit Weeks

Spirit weeks are a great way to rally the entire student body together. They’ll encourage students to participate and make the school feel like a complete community. You can even have students vote on the days they want to incorporate into their spirit week. Some possibilities are:

  • Pajama day.
  • Tie-dye day.
  • Twin day.
  • Throwback day.

These week-long celebrations are also a great idea near the end of the semester or before a long break, so your students will be excited to return.

Create School-Wide Contests

In addition to spirit weeks, organizing small contests throughout the year can build school spirit. Even minor events can keep your students engaged and excited to be part of the educational community. Plan door decorating contests throughout the year or use upcoming holidays as inspiration for other activities. For example, students can compete for the best Halloween costume in October or the ugliest holiday sweater in December.

These contests will give your students something to look forward to and bring more enthusiasm into the school as a whole.

Plan Shows and Performances

Organizing shows and performances are a great way to bring students together. At talent shows, outgoing students can show off their hidden skills, and everyone else can observe from the audience and support their friends. You can also encourage your students to perform a school song for an extra sense of school spirit.

To create one-of-a-kind events, involve your students in the planning process by collaborating with different student organizations and clubs. If your school has a chorus or band, organize shows during the school day and tell your students to wear their school colors in the audience.

Integrate Our School Spirit Series in Your School

Add another clever suggestion to your list by considering our technology options for increasing school spirit. We’ve specially designed a series of user-friendly charging stations ideal for educational applications. With our extra customization options, you can even add your school colors onto the cart for an eye-catching and bold exterior design.

They’re also multifunctional, as they can be stationary, wall-mounted or mobile. Because of their streamlined vertical designs, they can easily fit in any classroom space without getting in the way. To incorporate our School Spirit Series into your school, get a quote today or request a demo.

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