Charging and Storing Stations for Every Device in Your Office

Nowadays, offices run on a variety of different devices. Laptops, tablets, and mobile devices have become integral parts of the workday, used for presentations, data access, and communication within teams. It’s essential to keep these devices stored safely and charging. Without the proper care, these devices could be rendered useless, resulting in reduced productivity and delays throughout the day.

But you shouldn’t have to worry about these small factors in your workday. PowerGistics has a solution that will give your employees a one-stop, convenient place to store and charge their devices. PowerGistics has multiple charging stations to meet all your storage needs, each one tailored to fit various office devices. These multi-device charging carts for your office are sleek, accessible, and practical.

Charging and Storage for Office Laptops

Nearly everyone has a laptop today, and offices use them to create a central hub of data and programs that their employees can easily access. The only issue with laptops is that they have to be charged and stored somewhere. If office workers don’t have a designated place to keep them, then your workspace could be a cluttered mess with cords all over, and laptops strewed about. In an office setting, staying organized is crucial to the overall environment, so something as small as storage space or a charging cabinet for your business can significantly impact productivity.

PowerGistics offers an array of products that can store and charge your laptops all at once. The TechHub6 offers a modern charging cabinet for office laptops, with six shelves and flexible storage. The cabinet also comes with a keyed lock for added security so when you close for the day, you can be confident that your valuable devices will be safely stowed away.

Charging and Storage for Office Chromebooks

Offices have also been employing the many benefits of Chromebooks — the affordable, effective version of a standard laptop with many of the same functions. Often sleek and lightweight, Chromebooks are ideal for providing your team with the tools needed to be productive throughout the day. Though they have many benefits, Chromebooks also share some of the needs of standard laptops, including adequate charging time and storage.

The Grab&Go20 USB from PowerGistics offers the perfect multi-device charging station for office Chromebooks. We design our carts for easy accessibility and visibility — with our asymmetrical door design, you can easily see if all your Chromebooks are there. Because of the number of Chromebooks you probably have around the office, a central charging station for office devices is the perfect solution. You could even invest in several carts and place them around your office to eliminate traffic and congestion.

Charging and Storage for Office Tablets

Tablets are an even smaller and sleeker option for offices, creating a way to access data with the swipe of a finger. Their thin design makes them very easy to handle and carry into meetings. But this is narrow design also creates more room for tablets to go missing, as they can become lost beneath planners and papers. The day-to-day business of an office can mean a tablet disappears if it’s left out.

A multi-device charging cabinet for office tablets allows you to know where your devices are at all times. Our products range from six to 20 shelves, so you can choose the number of tablets you need to store and charge them all simultaneously. Choose the wall-mounted Grab&Go16 or put the Grab&Go20 on a Stand20 to match your office needs.

Charging and Storage for Office iPads

Like other tablets, iPads offer similar benefits in convenience and portability. You can handle them easily and access data in seconds. You just have to make sure you store your iPads correctly and keep them charged so you can make the most out of their positive characteristics. A device that’s dead or inadequately stored can be rendered useless. To counter this, embrace the modern solution from PowerGistics — accessible, centralized charging carts for office devices.

You can choose from many different products and find one that fits your tastes. PowerGistics offers wall-mounted, stationary and mobile charging stations that allow you to roll your cart to wherever you see fit. For increased versatility, choose between a standard or USB power strip.

Charging and Storage for Office Mobile Devices

A lot of communication in offices now revolves around mobile phones. Employees can complete calls, texts, and emails with the unique convenience of a cell phone. When you’re looking to boost productivity and increase efficiency, making sure those mobile devices are charged and ready is crucial. It’s a small factor but can become a big problem if simple tasks like storage and charging are neglected. You can check this off your list by purchasing a PowerGistics charging station.

The CellTower10 is the perfect answer to your mobile phone needs, with 10 shelves that make it easier than ever to store and charge handheld devices.  If you are looking for a barrier-free option, the TechStation10 also charges 10 phones or handheld devices.  Both have a USB power strip and an excellent system for managing cables.

Why Do Offices Choose PowerGistics?

With the number of devices in an office setting today, the importance of charging and storage is becoming increasingly clear. It helps extend the life of devices while also ensuring they retain healthy battery life. PowerGistics charging stations offer numerous benefits, including:

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PowerGistics charging stations are the modern answer to charging and storing your office devices. If you’re looking to increase organization and efficiency, these charging stations can help you achieve those goals. Browse our selections and find the perfect cart for your office. Request a quote today!

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