Technology Devices Used in Education

August 15, 2022

Technology devices in the classroom offer many advantages, such as optimized learning opportunities. Students and teachers benefit from higher efficiency and productivity. Equip your educational space with the necessary equipment and storage solutions.

5 Technology Devices Used in Education

Today’s digital learning offers everything students and teachers need readily at their fingertips in advanced designs. Modern technology used in schools provides an environmentally friendly approach with less paper waste. Organize your classroom with these beneficial systems:

  1. Projectors: Notes, images or presentations project onto any flat surface.
  2. Smartboards: A digitized recording captures written content on a board with digital or real markers.
  3. Laptops and tablets: Electronic portable devices offer note-taking and learning activity opportunities.
  4. PowerGistics Towers: A vertical Tower charges and stores laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, iPads and mobile devices.
  5. Ultra-High-Definition Television: Educational movies and videos display on wide-screen TVs.

Benefits of PowerGistics for Education

Educational technology devices require protection. Proper storage and charging keep laptops and tablets safe for maintaining long-lasting use with students and teachers. Consider PowerGistics Towers as your ultimate classroom tool with these provided benefits:

  • Versatility: Each Tower offers setup options to suit teachers’ classroom layout and preferences. Mount it on the wall, keep it free-standing or place it on wheels for easy movement to other room areas as needed.
  • Organization: A safe cord management system keeps your cords well-maintained and tidy for the device’s entire life cycle or longer. Each electronic device is inserted into a charging slot at the front of horizontal shelves with an adjustable and removable TechStop to accommodate larger laptops.
  • Productivity: Devices charge quickly in two to three hours. The machines only require an initial setup with little to no other maintenance for ease of use and continued productivity.
  • Visibility: Asymmetric doors offer clear visibility of secure device storage. Students quickly see storage slots for removing or inserting laptops efficiently.
  • Safety: The Open Tower Design offers single-touch power cord access for device retrieval to limit the spread of germs. An antimicrobial powder Coating provides an extra layer of protection to keep classrooms safe.

Order Educational Technology Devices Today

Digital devices in the classroom provide more efficient teaching and learning experiences. Trust PowerGistics for your technology charging and storage organization. Sleek, modern designs include safety features like asymmetric doors and keyed locks. IT directors globally choose the Tower as the best-engineered solution for classrooms.

Ready to charge and store school devices? Select customized colors to suit your school’s spirit or classroom. If you need help with your selection, our excellent customer service team will answer your questions.

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