Things to Consider Before Choosing Wireless Charging

August 22, 2022

Equip educational spaces with the right charging choices for technology devices. Weigh your options with wireless chargers or smart alternatives for your classroom environments.

What to Know About Wireless Chargers

Learn what you need to know about wireless chargers with these common questions and answers:

  • How long does wireless charging take? Wireless charging times take 30% to 80% longer than a cable.
  • Does wireless charging use more energy? This charging type uses more power because it’s tricky to align the devices with the charger and coils. This turns energy transference into heat instead of the energy absorbing into the battery.
  • Is my wireless charger ready to use at any time? A wireless charging unit or pad needs charging before use.
  • How long does a wireless charger’s battery life last? Batteries last longer with slower charging.
  • Is wireless charging bad? The charging generates more heat than wired charging, but it won’t damage your smart device if you use a high-quality charger supplied by reputable retailers.

5 Benefits of PowerGistics Charging Towers

As a smart alternative to wireless charging, Charging Towers by PowerGistics offer these benefits:

  1. Productivity: The Towers only need to be set up once and include maintenance-free cable management for the device’s entire life cycle or longer. The machines charge effortlessly in two to three hours. Students manage devices with ease for higher productivity.
  2. Versatility: Free-stand a Tower in your classroom, place it on wheels or mount it on the wall. A barrier-free option offers door removal for access in grab-and-go environments with standard and USB Chromebooks, iPads and more. The adjustable TechStop allows removal for accommodating large devices.
  3. Organization: A vertical Tower offers a smaller footprint in the classroom. Cords remain tidy with perfect cable management. Each laptop slot contains a TechStop for keeping devices in their proper spots at the front of the shelf for an organized appearance.
  4. Protection: Devices rest in the optimal position on horizontal shelves for safe storing. Cord management systems protect students from tripping hazards, and teachers can see securely stored devices with an asymmetric door.
  5. Safety: An antimicrobial powder coating provides an extra layer of protection against spreading germs. Increased ventilation in an Open Tower Design allows natural airflow. Single-touch deployment means students only need to touch the power cable when retrieving and returning a laptop. An optional cleaning caddy fits a large hand sanitizer pump or standard sanitizing wipes container.

Order Your PowerGistics Charging Towers Today

Charging Towers offer many classroom solutions. USB Towers even include USB charging cords to save money, as you won’t need to buy a second set of power bricks to send home with students. The team at PowerGistics offers excellent customer service to answer your questions.

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